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Dec 10, 2020

In this ProcessMiner University inaugural podcast episode, Karim Pourak, Co-Founder and CEO, ProcessMiner, sits down with Michael Walton, Director, Industry Executive (Manufacturing), Microsoft, and President, Intelligent Manufacturing Board, Purdue University, to chat everything "Operational Excellence, Monetizing Factory Data, and the Execution of Quality Improvements for Top and Bottom Line Growth Opportunities."
  • Karim Pourak has co-founded several successful startups in Biotech and AI. Currently he is the CEO of ProcessMiner™, an AI platform for manufacturing that applies advanced data analytics, machine learning, and automation to drive improvements in product quality and process optimization.
  • Michael Walton is the Manufacturing Industry Solution Executive from Microsoft where he collaborates with Fortune 500 manufacturers to introduce game-changing strategies and technologies into their manufacturing operations. He’s passionate about helping manufacturers capture and leverage their data, cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize every aspect of their processes.