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Dec 10, 2020

The topic of the circular economy is something we’ve all likely heard in passing, however many do not understand what exactly that means, and how it impacts business.

In this ProcessMiner University episode, we sit down with Gary Robinson, CEO and Principal Consultant at Synaptic Packaging, to discuss the world of sustainability and the circular economy.

  • Tom Tulloch, Chief Commercial Officer, ProcessMiner Passionately helping customers find new ways to monetize their data, Tom helps business leaders execute continuous process improvement objectives using applied artificial intelligence. A career spanning two decades of leadership and expertise in data, he is widely recognized as a data and emerging technologies expert, frequently asked to share his knowledge and expertise around new technologies shaping Industry 4.0 and the Digital Industrial Revolution.
  • Gary Robinson, CEO and Principal Consultant, Synaptic Packaging Gary Robinson is the founder of Synaptic Packaging and an advisor to global brands, micro-innovators, converters, material producers and private equity. He specializes in helping companies develop meaningful sustainability strategies and product development roadmaps to achieve long-term goals. Synaptic Packaging sees sustainability as a global transformation with vast opportunities for competitive and disruptive innovation, seeking to position clients as category leaders in response to emerging business challenges. Gary is also the CEO/Founder for the start-up Xileh Corporation, which develops next generation barrier solutions for renewable materials on 3D geometries.